·     Bidders are required to supply their full name, contact email address, contact phone number, and residential address at the time of registering to bid. They may also be required to register a valid payment method and/or photo ID

o   Photo ID may be required at registration or collection of items purchased at auction or when called upon to do so by the auctioneer

o   All sales not paid for within the time-frame specified will be processed against the buyers nominated credit card

§  Where an auction has not specified a payment timeframe then by default this will be three days

·     By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that Thornton Auctions Ltd may use your contact details to communicate with you

·     You acknowledge that there may be variations in (but not limited to) quality, performance, and condition from an “as new” or “store bought” item

·     All goods are presented without warranties or guarantees either expressed or implied unless otherwise stated in the product description

·        You accept you will perform your own research and due diligence. Thorntons will facilitate as best as practically possible your ability to:

o   Inspect and review

o   Conduct reasonable testing to your own level of satisfaction and at your own cost

o   Seek clarification for any ambiguity prior to bidding.

·     Thorntons is not liable in any way, for any electronic devices that may be locked, blocked, or blacklisted or in any other way not in full operation

·     You acknowledge that Thorntons has done its best to provide information about the item(s) to the best of their knowledge and will not be held liable for any possible misrepresentation relating to description, images or omissions

·     Additional information discovered during the auction sale process will be updated/communicated as soon as practicable via appropriate channels

·     A Buyers Premium of 15% + GST is applicable per item on the hammer price

·     Any transaction fees and surcharges that are charged by payment providers such as credit card companies, online payment portals, etc. will be passed directly on to the buyer

·     Upon bidding on any item(s) you enter a sales negotiation and are required to pay the agreed sum and associated taxes or fees after the sale. Any part payment thereof, including auction fees and GST, shall be paid by the method outlined in the auction terms and conditions.  Where this has not been outlined payments should be made immediately after the auction via any valid online payment method that Thorntons supports.

·     Any fees and charges for debt or credit collection agencies will be at the cost of the buyer and added to the monies owed

·     The purchaser shall be deemed to purchase as the principal user and the auctioneer or vendor will in no way be held accountable for any warranties or guarantees

·     The auctioneer and vendor reserve the right to amend or remove lots during the auction process for any reasons including but not limited to – safety, misrepresentation, or where general confusion may occur

·     The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to accept a bid or bids from any person or persons who in the opinion of the auctioneer are attempting to defraud or derail the auction process

·     The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse admission to/or eject from the selling place onsite or online any person or persons

·     The vendor or any person/agent on his behalf reserves the right to bid at the auction for any lot. The vendor acknowledges that for any successful bids, he/she shall still be liable for the payment of any relevant commissions.

·     The buyer & only the buyer knows the final use of any items bought at auction. The buyer is aware that all plant or equipment offered for sale at auction may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers' or users' responsibility to ensure that it is brought to a standard necessary to comply with the “Health & Safety Act 1992” and any regulations to be safe and fit for use in the workplace.

·     No alcohol can be purchased or distributed to anyone under 18 years of age and proof of age may be required

·     Online Auction Technology (Disclaimer).

o   Under no circumstances shall the bidder have any kind of claim against Thorntons, or anyone else, if the internet service fails to work correctly before or during the auction.

o   Online bidding is subject to technology faults and issues which are outside the control of the auction company. Bidder(s) are encouraged to use the “Maximum Bid” feature on the bidding platform and lock in their maximum bid amount if they are concerned about technology failure during the auction.

o   The seller and/or auction company reserves the right to (pause) the online auction bidding in the event of any internal or external technology failure, to preserve the integrity of the auction event and maintain a fair and impartial bidding environment.  In such situations, Thorntons reserves the right to restart the auction from the point of failure, extend the auction beyond its original end time, or put in place other amendments as they see fit to maintain a fair and impartial bidding environment. 

·     Item Storage and Collection

o   Any item(s) bid on will be paid for in full before removing part or all the items from the site

o   The collection of items is due within three working days from the completion of the auction unless otherwise noted on the information provided for each specific auction.

o   Any buyers unable to collect within the specified collection times are required to notify Thorntons in writing to

o   Thorntons at its sole discretion may reoffer and sell won items to offset any outstanding accounts

o   Items uncollected within the auction's timelines, may be resold at the next available auction, at Thorntons discretion on behalf of the original vendor

o   Storage fees apply at the rates below after 3 working days.  These will be billed weekly to the buyers nominated credit/debit card.




·        POA - guide: up to $50 per box / item(s)

·        Please confirm with reception


·        POA - Guide: up to $75 per box / item(s)

o   Please confirm with reception


·        POA - Please confirm with reception


·        Free - for up to 3 business/working days

·        Post 3 business days: 

o   PER ITEM / BOX (300x400mm BOX) $5 PER WEEK (or part thereof)

o   PER PALLET $15 PER WEEK (or part thereof)

o   Charged weekly to nominated credit card


·         50% of the sale price (minimum charge $25) + GST


·        Credit/Debit card / payWave set at whatever the merchant is charging – currently 2.7%

·        PayPal set at whatever the merchant is charging – currently 4%